Ashby Show 2022

So last Sunday being 10th July, I was exhibiting my work at Ashby Show. Due to Covid restrictions of the last two years, the show hasn’t been able to run. Finally the day came and it was so good to be back there and seeing so many people visiting. I arrived just before 7.30am to set up my stand to display my finest prints in gorgeous frames along with a photo slideshow of images over the past few years. Why am I telling you this I hear you ask? Well for me it was just great to be back at the show and chatting to lots of lovely animal loving people. I was situated in the shopping marquee and it did get rather hot but there isn’t much we can do about the weather. So next time, I’m thinking of taking my stand outdoors. Would it increase footfall? I’m hoping so especially if it is warm and sunny like this show was. It will also give some additional room for people to enter and have a good look around as well has engage in conversation. I plan to have some additional products/prints to purchase as well next time, along with a better selection of printed cards. The only reason I opted for indoors on this occasion was purely because the gazebo I did have actually got trashed in a freak wind storm at a different show in September 2019. So I definitely need to invest in something a lot sturdier, just in case.

I also ran a ‘win a photoshoot competition’ which proved very popular with lots of entrants. The lucky winner was drawn on Monday morning and notified accordingly by text and email. I also had a promotional show offer on which also received a lot of interest. That offer has now expired but all the entrants of my competition were sent details on how to claim it. It was a steal at just £195.00 which included a beautiful 16″ print mounted and framed.

Essentially for me, exhibiting at Ashby Show has helped me engage in many conversations with lots of people and also meeting new suppliers and chatting with them too. It’s all good for business and I really cannot wait to do the winner of my competition’s photoshoot. It really is exciting to win something!

Thank you to everyone who came and said hello and also to Ashby Show for putting on a great show for 2022 (even if I didn’t get to see much of it). I’ve only heard great things about it from friends that attended.

Here’s the equine slideshow, I had on display at the show. Credit must go to E J Lazenby for a selection of the images within the slideshow for setting up the photography day with the Atkinson Action Horses with Ben doing a little Peaky Blinders and some classic dressage moves and horse display & Kat Pickering – as the girl in the cape.

The Dog Slideshow from photoshoots in the last 12 months

Thank you to everyone that stopped and especially to my family for coming to support me and bringing my much needed juice to quench my thirst as I had left it behind! I can’t wait to do my next show!

If you would like to have a chat about either an equine or dog photoshoot, please get in touch. You can contact me via What’s App on 07974 646287 or drop me an email at

Peaky Blinders with Ben Atkinson

A few years ago now going back to 2018, I once again attended a photography day with Atkinson Action Horses organised by talented equine artist and fine art photographer, Jane Lazenby of E J Lazenby. This was my second visit to photograph Ben and his beautiful horses. It’s always a fantastic day out and I usually come back with thousands of images. Still to this day, I’m going through them when time permits to edit and share them across my social media platforms.

So, I thought for the first time ever I’d blog a little segment of one part of the day as it fitted in with what I’m watching on Netflix at the moment and currently working my way through Peaky Blinders. Having never watched a single episode until now, I’m getting quite into it. I’m sure I will fly through each series but for now it’s one episode per night. As not to waste such an opportunity, I’m sharing these images of Ben portraying Thomas Shelby as I’ve felt inspired to do so and it fits perfectly. Back then I’d only heard of the Peaky Blinders and hadn’t a clue what all the hype was about, so I went back through them and edited them as close as to the filmic colourings of the original Peaky Blinders series. It’s quite an art as the lighting at the yard where I was is vastly different to what you and I see onset via our tv’s, naturally. I’ve done it as near as can be with some tweaks and adjustments along the way.

Just a small fun fact, Ben’s horses were also stars in this drama, how fab is that!!

I love attending photography/workshop days. It allows me to be creative and chat with other fellow photographers and I sometimes learn a thing or two. I can’t wait to share more with you all very soon but for now, here is Ben as Thomas Shelby! If you would like a themed photoshoot with your horse(s) then get in touch as I absolutely adore photographing and styling them.

For more information about having an equine photoshoot, just drop me an email at

Sneak Peek Equine Photoshoot in the New Forest

I’m so excited to share this little sneak peek of one pretty awesome photoshoot in the heart of the New Forest. I really cannot wait to blog the rest but for now I’ll just share these.

horse in the new first
Copyright TMS Photography

How amazing do these two look? Look at the lush forest greens and sunshine. Not forgetting how beautiful Charlotte looks and her handsome boy, Ollie. A fab few days training with the Training Barn ladies. They arrange the most fantastic photoshoots for us delegates to articulate our craft and strive for continuous development and mastering the art of equine photography.

horse photography new forest
Copyright TMS Photography
horse photoshoot in the new forest
Copyright TMS Photography

I have so much to share so please do keep coming back to check the blog out. If you’re interested in having an informal chat about an equine photoshoot, then please do get in touch. I travel across the UK and beyond for private client horse commissions.

What happens if it rains during my photoshoot?

A great question. With all the best laid plans in the world, the weather is something beyond anyone’s control sadly. I’ve very recently done a couple of photoshoots where the weather was overcast but dry. My client and I checked various weather apps as you do and it all looked ok. Chance of precipitation was minimal….. that word MINIMAL. So guess what, you head off out and start the session. Everything is going so, so well. The sun pops out there are dramatic looking storm clouds in the distance, there’s very little breeze, it’s all so wonderful.

What the heck happened next?

All of sudden out of nowhere comes the rain and it’s not just drizzle, it’s a little heavier than drizzle so you carry on, I mean we won’t melt away will we? Thinking it’ll pass over you just crack on keeping taking those photos. The rain starts to become more persistent what do we do?


  1. For horse sessions, head to the barn/stable block concentrate on some dark background shots until the rain eases
  2. Again for horse sessions, head into the indoor school (if there is one) carry on the session there
  3. Horse and dog sessions, take shelter underneath some nearby trees (if any)
  4. Take to a field shelter again if one available – rustic looking wood can be a great backdrop to use
  5. Crack on, as the session is almost done anyway and you both agree you don’t mind getting wet – this is definitely more for the dog owners – we walk our dogs 365 days a year. It’s going to rain on many of those days! My client of only yesterday, wanted to carry on, she didn’t mind so we did until the rain got so heavy it was pouring off us both and we were drenched!
  6. Abandon the photoshoot altogether and reschedule for another time(there may be impracticalities with availability etc)

I’ve generally taken options 1, 2, 3 and more recently 5.

Ok, so getting wet through and still have portraits done isn’t for everyone and I get that. So it’s not one I’d suggest doing really unless it’s absolutely necessary or you’re an all weather person who goes out in all weathers for walks and you just want to carry on. Surprisingly, it can actually create some stunning photos. As a photographer working outdoors in all weathers, I’m quite used to getting wet. During the warmer months it really isn’t too much of an issue as you dry out quickly. The lesser warm months then you’re left cold and damp which isn’t at all pleasant.

For outdoor dog sessions, I’m usually dressed for crawling around the mud and wet grass anyway. Horses not so much, I’m usually in jeans or leggings!

So, a photoshoot in the rain can look pretty epic, so let’s take a look at some examples where we’ve stayed outside or the client has taken shelter (yes I’m still out in the rain). If I’ve learnt anything from yesterday’s rain shoot, it’ll be never trust a weather app again hehe!

dog photographer UK
equine photography Derbyshire
New Forest equine photographer
Equine Photography Staffordshire
equine photography UK

A Little Before and After Post

I’ve just finished editing a horse where I needed to do quite a lot of post production work to remove a few things from within the frame. These can be very easy and quick to do and other times, not so. The image I am sharing today was not the easiest of the edits as this one involved removing some human elements too around a bending horse and therefore redrawing a little section of the horse’s clip line.

Most of the time a photo session doesn’t involve a lot of photoshop work as it’s always best to get in right at the time of the photoshoot. Sometimes the shot is just the perfect moment and definitely worth taking and therefore, to get the image how I want it to look, takes a little extra work (I’m truly ok with this). I’m sure you will agree it is so worth it. If there is one thing I love about my job as a photographer is to create a little something extra. It’s such a beautiful image of the horse, I didn’t want to bin it, so I chose to work on it and produce the finished images shown below. This is very much taken with natural light where the barn entrance was perfect for these dark background images.

So here we go – yes I’m so sorry this is such a short post…..

Before – the original

After – just the plain black background

human arm and finger plus the lead rope removed

Version 2 – snow on black background

Snow added for a Christmas feel

Which is your preference? Snow or no snow? I think they both look great. Let me know in the comments.

For now that’s it and I look forward to sharing more before and after posts very soon.

Tracey x

Winter Style Guide for your Equine Photoshoot

Hi, thank you for stopping by. I thought I’d put this blog post together to highlight that winter is not all doom, gloom and mud, there is light and much beauty to having a photoshoot during the winter months.

So, to help you decide if you’re still sitting on the fence about booking a photoshoot for you and your horse during the winter season I’ve put some style ideas of simple outfits that help create beautiful images. Obviously the weather is a huge help here and the bright days are a godsend and make for those extra special photos because, let’s face it, glum days just don’t cut it.

So let’s start with some sunshine….. the look here is very simple and most of us have a winter coat that looks pretty awesome to wear and have photos taken wearing it. It has to be said, many shoots we were blessed with the most spectacular sunshine…. It does happen!

Then we have the more casual look jacket which works perfectly to coupled with jeans or smart jodhpurs and boots.

Next we have another casual look which is a jumper, sweatshirt and or Gillet worn with jeans or jodhpurs.

Then there’s the beautiful wraps and capes that can be used as well and look so elegant.

Next we have the Tweed – now not everyone is a Tweed fan but if you are, then check out these looks. They work so perfectly well!

The last kind of winter jacket is the faux fur….. another fantastic look!

Then we have the skirts, the frocks for elegance and dare I say, the wedding dress!!

With any outfit you can complement it with various accessories such as scarves, hats and jewellery. So there we have it, some great ideas for winter stying and looking fabulous for your winter photoshoot. Are you still sitting on the fence?

International Dog Day 2021

Helloooo, it’s been so long since my last blog post. Oops! I’m just about ready to go to sleep then it dawned on me that I haven’t celebrated today’s International Dog Day!

So how many of you have dogs? I have two. They’re Beagles aged 15yo, so doggy pensioners. In their heads they think they’re still only 5. They both still love walkies, although Alfie is arthritic so can’t have too long out. Monty on the other hand, can and is able to walk for miles. what are your dogs favourite things? Mine dogs favourite things is definitely eating, sleeping and walking. Ooh and sniffing – how could I forget that bit?

To show my love for dogs out there, I have selected a few different breeds. If you have a dog, please drop me a comment!

Shizhu X
Springer Spaniel
Wire Haired Hungarian Vizsla
English Pointer
Siberian Husky
Dalmatian puppy
Rough Collie
Black Labrador
British Bull Dog
Red/Irish Setter

My Why & Why I Love What I Do

To some this may be a bit of waffle and utterly pointless but I’m ok with that. I don’t find writing about myself easy. I think that’s because I don’t want to focus attention on me but actually I do want the focus on what TMS Photography does which I’ve been the proud owner of since setting it up back in 2013. Since school I had wanted to work with animals so this really is a great compromise on the career choices I had back then.

Going back in time a little bit, I actually although didn’t realise my photography journey began very early on I’d say when I was around 15 years old with a camera that had film in those days. I went out to a country show and photographed the showjumping. From then, I didn’t really do too much photography with animals as I was away from the horse world and sadly didn’t have access to a camera. Horses have always been my obsession (for want of a better word) since I was around 2/3 years old pestering my mum for a little Shetland pony that I could keep in the back garden. I didn’t get to own my own horse until well into my twenties and worked hard to be able to finance the continuing expense. Eventually I started photographing event horses back in 2009 in all three disciplines and it was from that moment I began my incredible journey to eventually becoming a full time equine photographer. Dogs followed shortly after.


Well the first thing is for the love of horses and of course dogs. Going deeper its the ability to go right into the soul of the horse or dog. Every animal has character and personality and yes I do photograph this it’s one of the key things I do. There is a much deeper hidden part of the horse/dog which I love to bring out in my photography work. I understand both the photography element taking a picture from bringing a vision to life and the more complex characters of working with the horse or dog. It is this understanding that helps create those beautiful moments between horse and owner or the observations of dog behaviour and its personality, as this is a key factor when photographing dogs. Connection is key with everything. With connection you have emotion which is exactly what I want and hence my WHY. It is this connection I want you to feel when you see the final images, even better when you see them in print!

Why Should you Book a Photoshoot with TMS Photography?

Like us, our pets aren’t going to live forever and a photoshoot is not for everyone and if you are happy snapping your pet on your own camera/phone then that is perfectly fine and you must keep going and improving and I can give you some tips for that, on another post, just let me know!

So what makes TMS Photography different? TMS Photography provides an overall photography experience be it from first enquiring to after when the photos are ready to view, prints ordered and delivered. I am here for every single one of my clients going over how the shoot will run, addressing concerns from awkwardness in front of the camera, dogs that won’t sit, cheeky ponies to the weather. I am basically making this a fantastic once in lifetime opportunity (for some) and will always offer the best reassurance I can from my own experiences being a horse and dog person. I will always give 110% to everything I do and together with the client, it becomes a rather exciting journey. Not only that, it is my style of photography, the post production and the final product offerings that people want. I’d like to say it’s my charming personality (I doubt that and I am a nice person) but yes you do need to be able to connect with people who are buying into your craft and style. The key thing with a photoshoot is that everyone involved has a great time with little or no stress whatsoever, as this really does reflect in the images once back home. Connection, the bond, personality, emotion, character and a little creativity is a really important part of the experience I offer. Believe you me, I am just as nervous before a photoshoot just like you! Although mine is more excitement and wanting everything to be just about perfect – which nothing ever is but I do try very hard!

The photoshoot itself is all about creating long lasting memories. A brief moment in time frozen just as it happens and it may be that something so special that may just never happen again. Let the story unfold and the magic happen. Powerful imagery that not only tells a story but evokes emotion and a strong connection. Another thing too is that we may live in a digital era but nothing can replace a photograph/s that sit eloquently in beautiful framing which is then put in its pride of place within the home etc. A photograph that will last decades and continue to tell a story for generations to come inspiring so many conversations and imagination. I just love this job.

So there you have it, there’s my WHY….

The Important Bit

The Investment is always a concern but honestly, if you want to do it, just do it, it will become priceless at the end of the day. My collections start from £125.00 to £595.00 all inclusive photoshoots with at least one product for you to enjoy and proudly display wherever. Remember, it’s not just the click of a button, it is so much more beyond the photoshoot itself!

If you would like to receive some further information about a photoshoot, then please do get in touch where I will be more than happy to discuss everything in much greater detail. My direct email is

What is my WHY?

“I couldn’t be happier with the photos Tracey captured of me and my horse best friend of 9 years! I’d never had a photoshoot before so wasn’t sure what to expect but Tracey was very professional and made me feel at ease from the moment she got to the yard. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anybody wanting some high quality photos of or with their animals”. Lisa & Rebel

National Pet Day April 2021

April 2021 is National Pet Month raising awareness to all those that devout the time to look after their pets! I myself have two Beagles, Alfie and Monty who are both are in their senior years at the ages of 15 and 14.5. I have an Irish Draught horse called Ollie who will soon be 13 and I’ve owned him since he was four. Over the years I have photographed a lot of dogs and horses and just love animals. Always have done from around about three years old, where I just wanted my own little pony and many dogs.

So with National Pet Day, I thought I’d share a few photos of the fabulous pets I’ve photographed over the last year or so to brighten up a rather dull cold Sunday! Hopefully some of these will make you smile inside. I’d love to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has trusted me to capture the personality, bond and memories of their precious pets be it horses or dogs.

Dog photography-jack-russell-derbyshire
Equine photography in Derbyshire
Spanish Pre horse
Welsh Collie Noodle
equine photography in Staffordshire
Boston Terrier photo by TMS Photography
Fox Red Labrador
staff in the peaks
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