Puppy Photoshoot – Super Cuteness

Hello, today’s blog post is puppy mayhem with 5 week old Jack Russell puppies that I photographed last summer.  They’re soooo cute, thought it was worth sharing!  I’m trying my best to write a blog post a day, sometimes two just to catch up to where I am now in terms of photography.  I have lots to share, scenic posts, wildlife, dogs and yes more weddings!!  So hopefully you’ll love it all and keep coming back to visit my site for more doggy craziness or simply a love for weddings.

The puppies are named, Ariel, Frank (although he’s now called Bo) and Buttons (Belle as she is now known as) and they’re all very cute. It was a challenge photographing them,  as being puppies they wanted to explore and play!  We got there though with lots of fuss and patience and I’m pleased to say that Aby, their owner at the time was very pleased with the photos.

Here we go….. drum roll………

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