St Martin’s Church, Alfreton then Cockliffe Country House Hotel, Notts

Bit late on in the day, I’ve been busy with editing so not given much thought to blogging over the last week – you mean to do it but it slips a bit further down the ‘things to do list’ as the days go by!  Ce la vie so they say!  Anyway, this blog post is another collection of my second shooter wedding work.  I love working with Dave Nunn and have learnt a lot over the last 18 months or so.   So much so, I have at least another 5 weddings working with him this year alone!  Then in September I have a lovely wedding of my own to photograph!  How exciting is that??? For me, it is truly exciting and my client is going to have an amazing day with what she has planned.

Back to this wedding… second shooting at the lovely wedding day of Ashley and Alison who were married at the St Martins CofE church in Alfreton.  We were not allowed to photograph too much during the ceremony, so me being the second shooter, enjoyed the ceremony leaving it in the hands of Dave.  After a lovely ceremony, we went off to Calverton, Nottingham for the reception at Cockliffe Country House Hotel.  I almost forgot to mention the vintage cars and bus… you’ll see these from the photos…. hope you like my portfolio!

Tracey x

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