Ashbourne Show

August 2014 was my first ever visit to Ashbourne Show in Derbyshire.  It’s held on the former Osmaston Polo Ground!   Lots to see with all the Cattle shows, I’ve never seen so many varieties of sheep!!  There is of course the various horse shows from the elegant side saddle to Shire horses.  It certainly brings the competitors in and lots of visitors too.  I even entered a photography competition with the local Ashbourne Camera Club, and much to my surprise, I came first out of the category entered.  Bonus!!

I didn’t take my trusty Canon with me to this event, I decided to try out the Sony RX10.  It’s more of a bridge camera than a DSLR.  It’s fine for carrying around all day as it’s lightweight plus it has a F2.8 Zeiss lens and a zoom from 24mm to 200mm.  It’s obviously not a professional camera and the photos are not as good but it’s a lot less money but good value for what it costs.  Perfect for walks  etc.  Not the best for action shots it has to be said even with a high shutter speed, it just cannot cope – loses a lot of detail :(.  I didn’t get it for that and I know not to use it for that type of photography again!

A collection of photos taken at Ashbourne Show 2014.


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