The 2014 Victory Show – Cosby

First ever visiting the Victory Show over at Cosby, Leicestershire last September and oh my what a spectacular day we had too.  The sun was out, everyone was enjoying the displays and a pint in the sun!  I’m not a huge fan of wartime stuff but I can honestly say, I really enjoyed myself at this event.  Armed with my trusty Canon, I took photos wherever I could. I felt a little self conscious at first but the re-enactors were just great, they’re used to getting photographed all of the time.  I did my best under the circumstances as it was extremely busy.  Then came the air show, now I confess, I’ve never really watched an air show nor have I photographed many moving planes and the first lot (thank goodness they were only models) got culled straight away once home.  My determination to get it right was ever growing as I stood there thinking, it’s a Spitfire…. I need to get this!  Plenty of practice, all on manual of course and yay!  Bang on.  I’m so pleased with the results. You try it does’t work, try even harder and the results show!  There was even an battle re-enactment that so perfectly executed captured on camera although I have trimmed these down… but you get the gist of things.  The Brits and US won on this occasion but the noise, it was loud!  I’m so glad I did’t grow up during wartime, it would have been very scary.  We’re so lucky of what we have today!

A selection of photos from over a 1000 images….

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