Dog Photoshoot

One early morning in October saw me off to meet with my lovely client Sarah with her dogs.  When I got there, I was surprised to see 9 dogs, I’ve never done a photoshoot with so many dogs but in all honesty, it was great, so well behaved!  The photoshoot took place down in Spring Cottage near Overseal. There is a lot of land around the Swain works which eventually leads to Conkers (over the road).  It has lakes, lots of grassy areas and it great for exercising dogs.  Sarah’s dogs simply loved the water!  So what kind of dogs did I photograph?  Black labradors and a Red Fox Labrador, Cocker Spaniel, two poodles and a miniature Schnauzer.   The most challenging shots to capture are the dogs jumping into the water to retrieve as you never know where the take off is going to be……

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