A Snowy Walk – Destination Bretby

Still catching up with blog posts… I’m hoping to post a few today…

I take you back now to the cold and snowy Christmas week in December 2014.  I was bored one afternoon.  I love to be doing something and if I’m not doing something horsey, reading, filming or taking photos then there are times I just simply get stuck in a rut and fed up. This one afternoon, I was desperate to get out in the snow before it melted away.  Roads were far more passable that day but still I put on my hiking boots and off I went armed with camera and ultra zoom lens for a long walk. I’m not a huge fan of driving in the snow.   I stayed out long enough for me to still be out taking photos as the sun was setting yet be home before it got dark!

I decided to take myself to Bretby village in South Derbyshire – it’s a fair walk but doable.  I loved it, it was refreshing, cold, yet pleasing!  So without further ado here are the photos I took along my walk.  Some of those photos, I shall offer for sale as prints.

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