Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield Wedding

As a photographer who loves nothing more than to go out and take photographs, the last two years I’ve been working as a Second shooter at weddings.  I’m very good at other aspects of photography but weddings, well, I can tell you it’s been a real eye-opener.  It’s hard work, there is lots to learn, mistakes get made but you learn, adapt and workflow becomes much easier as does your understanding of what makes a wedding photographer.

For myself, it’s wonderful to work alongside such talented photographers.   I usually work a with two – both completely different but it’s gives me variety and a chance to learn something new at each wedding.  Believe me, from my first wedding back in 2013 to where I am currently, the difference is huge!  I aim to please not just the people I work alongside with but mostly for myself.  Selfish, yes but if I don’t put 110% into it, then neither of us gain the benefit.  Anyway enough about how I got into second shooting, let’s get on with this wonderful wedding at Ringwood Hall.

This wedding was once again working with George Krousti of U and Eye Photography in Chesterfield.  It was to be an outdoor ceremony, something which I have never done and was taking place at the stunning Ringwood Hall Hotel.  As a second shooter it’s my responsibility to aid, assist and obtain different angles to the lead photographer, not duplicate the same shot.  I always do my best to achieve this, so my angle is purely me taking the picture from my perspective and that of an onlooker.  All the photos below are the ones shot by me and have been allowed to use, which is fantastic.

The weather was extremely challenging with harsh, bright sunshine and there was no way, flash was going to help me here so I just went with the flow.  An outdoor ceremony in the sun was always going to be a challenge to anyone photographing at the back!  George was fine, he could fill in with flash at the front.  A really lovely couple, a stunning dress and a wonderful wedding venue, it was a great wedding and one I enjoyed being a part of, so a huge thanks to George for booking me again to second shoot and assist him.  Here is a small selection of images from my perspective taken on the day.

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