Niv – An Adorable Little Lady

Today, I bring you Niv, a charming Shetland pony living in Derbyshire.  Her owner, Sheila, booked me via an online ad I had put on some local horse Facebook groups.  I later met Sheila in person at the local riding club show, were she was helping out Kat and Daisy.  She didn’t have Niv with her at the time so I didn’t meet this charming little lady until the day of the photoshoot.  Many ideas flowed through my head in how I could create some wonderful images for Sheila to love.  I really wanted to capture Niv, enjoying herself so off came the bridle, here’s to some happy galloping around at full speed with a few bucks in-between.  Judging by the feedback from Sheila, I succeeded :).

So here are a few from Niv’s photoshoot, isn’t she just so adorable?

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