Newborn Baby Photography Training

I’m a mum of two grown up children.  Not yet a nanny not that I wish to be right now but I do love babies.  In my hometown near Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire, there aren’t many specialised newborn photographers, so I wanted to offer this as one of my niche areas.  I obviously wasn’t experienced in posing newborn babies when I first started out in my new venture, so I went on a special training course with the lovely Laura Davies to learn the ropes.  It is not as simple as it looks as some images are made up of several images put together, referred to as a composite, I have shown one example of this as baby just couldn’t support their own heads in their tiny hands.  Please do not attempt this pose yourself with baby.   I feel it’s important that parent’s know this in order that their baby remains safe with their chosen photographer.  Without my training, I would never attempt any newborn posing of any kind, why? Simple really, not knowing how to pose a baby could cause serious harm to a young baby which must be supported at all times.  When I do baby photoshoots, safety always comes first and if baby doesn’t want to do a particular pose, then I don’t push it.  Also, baby has to be warm and comfortable at all times and not all babies like being naked.   To be a newborn photographer you need a lot of patience which thankfully I’m very blessed with.  Once a photoshoot has finished, I then spend a lot of time editing them using Photoshop which all takes time.

I love what I do and have invested in lots of beautiful props for babies as well as lots of outfits and hats for little boys and girls.   I am able to offer newborn photo sessions in both South Derbyshire, North West Leicestershire and East Staffordshire.  If getting to me is difficult, I will try and come to you.  One day soon, I hope to have my own studio.   My newborn sessions are priced at £75.00 and include a 3-4 hour session, editing and use of studio and baby props suitable for newborn babies and very safe.  There will be some poses that require the assistance of mum/dad or nanny!


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