All New Dog Photography Promo Slideshow

So, I took the plunge and made a short promotional photography slideshow showcasing my dog photography.  Anyone who knows me will say how much I love dogs and in turn, photography so the two go hand in hand really.  I could’t wish for a better job to do.

What I love about dogs aside from their unpredictability is their character.  Some bounce around, some know how to behave and others well like my own dogs, don’t listen to a word I or anyone says but you know what, somehow I manage to get a few photos and my patience never runs thin.  I just love photographing dogs and seeing the bond they have with their owner.  The most dogs I’ve photographed at any one time in one session was NINE.  Yes nine, all impeccably behaved, ok the two poodles ran a mock sometimes but they were so much fun.  The most photographed dog breed I’ve done is the Labrador.  A fine stamp of a dog they are too… Puppies are another speciality, so adorably cute and cuddly.   I have two beagles yet don’t really get chance to photograph them – well they are rather difficult.  They sit, wait, I lift the camera and boom they’re on my lap – so I didn’t train them so well in that regard as the calmer I remain, the more they want to play a game.  They’re almost 10 now so they just shut their ears and ignore me.

So here is my short slideshow film showcasing some of the friends I’ve met since starting Dog Photography.   I love this little slideshow :o).  I’m based in South Derbyshire nestled within 3 other counties Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  Nearest towns are SwadlincoteAshby-de-la-Zouch, Burton-Upon-Trent, Tamworth, Loughborough, Lichfield, Derby, Coalville and Uttoxeter.  I can pretty much get anywhere as I’m based only 20 minutes from the motorway covering the UK.

NB. I am trialling slideshow software at the moment hence the watermarking but hopefully this does not detract from my slideshow content

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