Baby Harper’s Newborn Session

It’s been a good few weeks since I last updated my blog.  I’ve been exceptionally busy with events and weddings!

Baby Harper bless her came to visit me at my old studio, which I sadly outgrew due to all my equipment and props so I had to vacate it but I do miss it.  So now my sessions take place in the comfort of my own home with all amenities to hand in the event of any baby pees and poops!  I have a lovely natural wood hard floor which is great for my props!

Baby Harper was 7 days new when she came for her photoshoot last summer.  Her mummy had purchased a little mini mouse outfit for her to wear which we knew was going to be a little big for her.  For Harper’s session we kept her quite natural as she really wasn’t keen at all for having any posing done which is fine, as I tell all my client’s, a baby shoot is dictated by baby not us and I will never put baby in a pose that they are not happy with.  If lying on their back is all they want to do, then that is perfectly fine.

Here are few images from Harper’s mini session:

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