Little Kittens

I’m a huge lover of animals whether it be horses, dogs, cats, rats, rabbits or mice, I find them all so adorable and in my life I’ve owned them all at some point.   The yard where I keep my horse, Ollie, had a feral cat who gave birth to some beautiful kittens.  Unfortunately, the mum was killed leaving her 3/4 week old kittens to fend for themselves.  Luckily, they were nestled in the hay bales in the barn and our kind yard owners took it upon themselves to look after the kittens and reared them until they were old enough to go to new homes locally.

I just happened to have a camera on me one day so I  took some photos of them playing together on the hay bales.   Although a little nervy, they continued to play as I snapped away.  I managed to capture some of their inquisitiveness as to what I was doing without ultimately scaring them!  Here are the photos of cutie kittens:-

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