Pre Wedding Photoshoot with Charlotte & Paul

One of the things I love to offer my couples is a pre-wedding shoot.  It’s a fun, relaxed session allowing me to get to know my couples a little more, building up the necessary rapport in readiness for their wedding day.  It’s a sort of rehearsal if you like.  It’s not for everyone and I never force my couples to having a pre-wedding shoot if they don’t wish too.  It is highly recommended though :).

So having met Charlotte when she first booked me, I had never met her fiancé, Paul so it seemed the ideal opportunity to get to know Paul a little better before the wedding day.  So off to Staunton Harold near Ashby, the sun was shining, it was almost spring and the daffodils were out and we just a lovely time, Charlotte and Paul were great to work with, a really, really lovely couple.   The whole session takes about an hour to do and so far, all my couples have loved it…..

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