The Professional Horse Seller & Photography

So today I thought I’d write about Professional Horse Sellers that find, buy and sell horses to the right kind of people.  I’m hired from time to time to take professional photos of a certain horse or horses that my client has coming up for sale.  Now these can range from full showjumping horses, dressage and event horses or horses that are yet to be broken under saddle but are very well handled.

The reason I am asked to take photographs is purely because I can often take images using light, flash and naturally lit surroundings.  I can also take photos at speed given the equipment I use and the timing – it’a all about timing when it comes to action shots!   It is important particularly when a horse is the higher end price tag to get good quality images to show the horse off at it’s best using clear imagery showing  at least three gaits,   being walk, trot and canter and if it’s jumping to get good shots showing how the horse performs jumping being either ridden or loose schooled.  Timing is key!  The purpose of those images is to photograph  the horses paces without it being blurry or dark/shadowy.

I understand horses, I am a horse owner myself who loves to compete in Dressage (when the time permits) and do a little jumping!  So with this in mind, I know what looks good or bad when it comes to horse portraiture and action shots.   So here is one I did last year for a rising four year old all the way from Germany, a Trakehner X.  I had to include some outakes as he was having such fun!!

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