When I met Harry

When I met Harry…. he was a bouncing almost 2 year old Fox Red Labrador.  He has the most handsome features and loves his life.  In fact his portrait session was all about Harry enjoying himself!  His love the water was a huge part of his photo session!  We met quite early in the morning to avoid the bright summer sun although it was still very sunny!   Being a dog photographer, I love to bring out the true personalities of people’s dogs.  Sit and stay is fine for a few portraits but the best photos are those that let the dog be itself.  It’s merely a case for me to do the moving with a little assistance from the owner.  Throwing balls is fun, jumping in water is refreshing for some and they are the shots I love to capture.  It’s all about personality….

So meet Harry 🙂

If you would like to book a dog portrait session, please get in touch for pricing and current offers!  Thank you x

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