A Village Wedding in Vintage Style

Suzy & Charlie were married at St George’s Church in the village of Ticknall, Derbyshire.  It was a beautiful summers day in mid June 2016.   The reception was to be held in a marquee on the happy couple’s land.   Suzy wore a stunning slim fitting Pronovias dress, the bridesmaids wearing floaty long cornflower blue dresses, with Charlie looking rather dapper as did all the groomsmen in their traditional tail suits incorporating the Cornflower Blue colour.  My second shooter Steve, met up with the groomsmen at the Wheel Inn pub in the village while I was busy with the bridal preparations!

Suzy and Charlie had met quite early on in their late teens at the local Young Farmer’s Events.  However, both went different paths remaining friends, with Suzy becoming PA and travelling the world and Charlie also travelled worldwide making lots of new friends along the way, some of which were at the wedding.  They met once again 4/5 years ago and decided it was time to finally get together as a couple.   It’s been a story of love and romance for them ever since.  They truly do belong together and it was a great honour to be their chosen photographer on their wedding day.  I know they researched to find the right one for them.   It was such a super day which ended in a beautiful array of fireworks.  Shortly after the fireworks, Suzy & Charlie left for their honeymoon in Cornwall & Devon!   Here is small selection of photos of the day.

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