Parrots and a Wedding in Hull

Last summer I was asked by a dear photographer friend, Laura, if I could second shoot with her at a wedding up in Hull.  I was to do the groom preps and we’d finish after the speeches.  I jumped at the chance as Laura’s wedding work is just fabulous plus she’s just so nice!   I was advised that the bride and groom loved parrots and cockatoos and there would be some parrots at the wedding.  I have no problem with birds.  Their colours are just fabulous.  If there is one thing I love doing, is detail shots as in time, it’s these little things that get forgotten about, so it’s always nice to have a photo to recollect!

My day started at 10.00am leaving home at 7.30am to allow plenty of travelling time to get to Hull and photograph the groom and groomsmen.  It was a lovely morning to be honest, very chilled.  The wedding ceremony and reception were being held at nearby KP Golf Club  just outside of Hull.  A lovely venue with gorgeous lodges allowing the bridal party to stay and get ready there!   It was a really lovely intimate wedding and just an enjoyable day.  Even the drive there and back was great!   I’ve said it many time before, I love second shooting at weddings and love documentary style photography… I’m not one for doing endless formal family portraits preferring the more chilled and relaxed approach.  Here are some images from that day:-

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