Finn, Maggie & Polo

Last year I was commissioned by Alan & Kristina to take some photos of Finn, Polo & Maggie.  It was a great session.  Kristina really wanted to recreate a photo her mum had had taken some thirty years prior with her then horse and dog.  As you can see the weather was kind but the black stormy skies make it very interesting.   It was a great session, a mix of everything I love, surrounded by dogs and horses.  It’s been an incredible journey since 2014 when I did my first dog photoshoot that Autumn.

So a little bit about Finn.  He’s the son of Maggie and he is Fox Red Labrador.  He is a working dog and will assist Alan during the shooting season by retrieving.  This photoshoot demonstrates Finn in training and retrieving as well as some portraits.  He is now three years old.

Maggie, is a black 6 year old  black Labrador owned by Kristina and Damian and is a well loved family pet.  I have photographed 3 of Maggie’s pups being Harry, Maddie & Finn.

Polo, was Kristina’s beautiful horse full of character who really knew how to look after Kristina out in the field on drag hunts.  They did a little Team Chasing & XC.  Sadly Polo was put to sleep end of last year so this post is also in memory of one gorgeous full of life, cheeky and one heck of a personality, little horse, who is now galloping free and in no more pain!  In Memory of Polo x

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