Horses for Sale – How I can help!

Hello, thanks for stopping by.  I just wanted to share a new venture I’m now offering to those that regularly sell elite sport horses within the Midlands region.  I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be getting the right kind of photos to show off one special horse for sale, as they have to be good to get the interest in someone to want to see more of this wonderful horse.  Yes mobiles are great and I’m certainly not knocking them and they have a purpose but do they give you the best photos for that WOW advert?  The answer is definitely a resounding NO!

This is where I can help, as an experienced equine photographer based in Derbyshire with easy access to also North West Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire & Warwickshire with a horse of my own and someone that has been involved in equine sport photography, I know how to photograph (and video) horses in action.  It’s not just the pretty portrait shots which yes any camera will do but action shots, as so many mobiles just create a blurry photo, which isn’t great when you’re advertising a horse for sale in the thousands of pounds bracket.  I can deal with different light sources indoor and outdoor, fast frame work which is just something that your average mobile cannot do.   I take hundreds of photos  observing the horse as it moves through various gaits, clicking away to show that powerful upbeat trot and canter as well as any jumping, XC or dressage work.

I can do either stand alone photography where I will come to your yard and take a series of portrait and action photographs or I can do combined photography with videography to create a short film incorporating both photography and video footage as well as just the photographs.  If you are after something that shows a horses ability say XC, then I could come and photograph the XC session (but not while the horse is in competition).  Prices start from £125.00 for stand alone photography (an hour should be plenty for one horse) and £199.00 for photography and video (travel will be charged accordingly).  You will receive a selection of images (that you choose then I send over a download link) for your advert to use until that horse is sold.  It is a one use licence only.  Video side – a short film is produced showing all action movements be it dressage or jumping which is edited with Royalty Free music to keep costs to a minimum.

Here are some examples of my work showcasing a typical horse for sale photoshoot.  If you’d like more information, then please get in touch using the contact form above  or via my main website

Equine Video Examples showcasing my experience in equine videography

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