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Being pregnant is a joyous occasion and I can honestly say as a mum of two children (now grown up) I enjoyed my pregnancies with both of them.  Mind you I did have it easy, no morning sickness at all, in fact no sickness whatsoever so I was very lucky in that respect.  I craved Doritos – don’t ask but I find that these days, I struggle to eat the Cool Blue variety and think I may have eaten far too many of that flavour.  If there is one thing I could change, that would be to have had a photoshoot of my pregnancy bumps be it studio or more lifestyle, I wouldn’t have minded either – although back in the early 90’s I think studio was more fashionable.

This particular photoshoot of expectant mum Amy, was really about her beautiful bump and the love the couple had for each other.  As a photographer, I respect that and like to believe my work reflects this.  Being more of a documentary style photographer, my purpose is to create images that document a moment rather than a staged shoot but again I love these too!  It’s all about the mum to be’s preference be it lifestyle or more stylised indoors but still nice and natural.

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