Harrison – Lifestyle Dog Photoshoot Shropshire

I met Harrison, a gorgeous Pointeraner which is Weimaraner/German Short Haired Pointer Cross,  back in December 2016 – I know I’m behind in writing this but after a year, it’s not the easiest blog to write.  Having a busy 2017 hasn’t helped either but I am making a firm commitment to blog more frequently.  It may not always be in order though, there will be random posts.  I want my blogs to be from the heart to show you all how much I love what I do.

So How did I get to photograph Harrison?

I was contacted by Harrison’s owner/mummy via Instagram after she saw my work on there.  We got chatting over email and arranged a photoshoot whereby I would go over to Harrison’s house over in Shropshire and we’d go to one of his favourite walking spots. I travel anywhere for private dog commissions in any case so the distance was never an issue.

This was however, no ordinary photoshoot, not that Harrison was aware of anything different, it was just a fun walk out with some lady with a rather large camera snapping away at him.  This photoshoot was all about saying goodbye to a very precious boy who’s young life was unexpectedly coming to an end.  He already had such a journey in his short life being a rescue dog who fortunately found a very happy and loving home.    Harrison at only 2 years old was sadly very poorly with an aggressive form of epilepsy where no veterinary treatment was helping him whatsoever, his fits becoming more aggressive every day rendering him powerless for two hours or more occurring  sometimes twice a day.  So the kindest thing for his owner’s to do, was to say goodbye to him, that must have been a devastating blow.  A dog they rescued and sadly had so little time with him being so young.  We as pet owners never actually think about things like this especially when we hope our dogs have a long life ahead of them, yet we know they’ll say their goodbyes one day!

I was really heartbroken for them, as I adore dogs having two of my own and having lost one some 12 years ago myself, I knew exactly the pain/hurt they were feeling. Dogs are a huge part of the family no matter their age.  We long to see their tails wagging, the excitement the minute you say the word ‘walkies’ and their constant loyalty, they are our non-human best friends.

What I can say even though it’s been over a year since I dd the shoot, it was one of the hardest dog photoshoots I’ve ever done.  It brought tears to my eyes as well as smiles but what I did do, is give them beautiful memories to treasure beyond his short but happy life – he had the most gorgeous personality and playful nature, bouncing around, playing fetch and just generally a happy go lucky dog with a condition that just simply could not be treated. I will remember him always! This photoshoot was so him, he loved his pink ball and running around, so that’s what I captured, just him doing his thing and his unique expressions! So Harrison, this is my tribute to you, goodnight you beautiful boy……

If you’d like more information on a dog photoshoot session, then please do get in touch with me at TMS Photography.  I cover the whole of UK not just the East & West Midlands.

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