Falconry Day – Photography Experience

So what do you buy a photographer for Christmas?  New lenses (not exactly as these are too expensive).  This dilemma is faced every year by my children and husband.  They have now decided that anything photography related is a no go!   That’s so sad for me as I love getting photographic experiences, even though I’ve only ever received one, so far.

So, my lovely grown up kids got both myself and Barry, my husband a photography experience photographing some rather gorgeous birds of prey.  The bonus, it was only a few miles from where we live and took place at the Rosliston Forestry Centre.   I dream of going to the Scottish Highlands to photograph Mountain Hairs, Red Squirrels and Sea Eagles (not forgetting seals of course).   Hopefully one day, I will get to do this.  I love wildlife and the open countryside but I am far from being neither a landscape or wildlife photographer – this side of photography is just a hobby and a place for some time out during busy times in my life when I’m doing weddings, dogs and horse photography.  I use this time to get inspired, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet!

So on this experience I got to photograph two captive Golden Eagles (they are huge) and a Harrier Hawk in flight.  Bird photography especially when in flight is not easy and it was quite a challenge.  Anyway, I hope you love this selection of photos from the Falconry Day.  A huge thank you to my two kids, Samantha and Aidan for getting this very special gift – it was fantastic, even the weather never dampened my spirits to get up close to these magnificent birds of prey, don’t forget to check out those talons!


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