A Day out at Mach Loop – Wales

I’m not really a plane enthusiast when it comes to fast Jets whizzing around the sky above me but when a friend of mine who loves aviation, said come along for a day – see what you think!  So I did just that.  Don’t get me wrong, planes are interesting but it’s certainly not a genre of photography for me, although I can see why there are lot of enthusiasts and professionals doing Aviation photography day in, day out. It’s not an easy task taking photos of fast planes.

I do action horses and dogs but wow these Jets are fast! A blink and you’ve missed the opportunity.  Would I go back – probably on a nice day.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be sitting on a hill in wet conditions getting soaked and cold. I’m not sure my camera would like it either – albeit weather resistant to rain.

So the morning started very early leaving home just after 6.00am and travelling onto mid Wales near Dolgellau.  Then a steep climb up Bluebell Hill approx 300 feet, so definitely not for faint hearted.  We got there about 8.30am and from there onwards, it was sit and wait.  There are no guarantees when at Mach Loop that RAF jets will fly by.  So it is very much a sit and wait, eat your packed lunch and if the weather is nice, enjoy the stunning scenery that Wales has to offer!

So, what did I get to see? Lucky me, I got to see a Hawk (Red Arrows), RAF Airbus A400M and a USAF V22 Osprey.  Here is just a small selection of them!  My first ever attempt at Fast Jets aka Aviation Photography at Mach Loop. All photos taken with the Canon 1-DX with 100-400mm zoom Lens.

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