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As a photographer I love receiving kind words from clients and such like.  It makes me feel happy and very proud not just in myself but for the client’s I have the great honour in working with.   Photography is not the easiest of jobs to do but it is highly rewarding.

To receive kind words from a fellow photographer is in two words, utterly fabulous.  I put 110% effort in anything photography related.  My heart and soul goes into everything I do, I work hard and I try to remain as creative as can be.  Just this week, I received some feedback from photographer George of U and Eye Photography that I thought I would share.  I had no inkling that such feedback would be received and I was totally taken aback.

My kind words received from George (I first worked as his assistant back in February 2015).

“I have been working with Tracey Marie Smith a few years now. She was the second photographer a few weeks ago at a wedding we photographed and wow did she deliver with the photos she took. She has a great gift for picking out some stunning images. She is really easy going and very helpful and makes for a great person to work with. She managed to get photos from so many different angles; some I am sure are quite impossible. Thanks Tracey for all your hard work and I look forward to working with you again at the next wedding we have booked together.😃

To check out her fantastic work you can visit her webpage at

She also has some stunning equestrian and canine photography that you should look at:”

The first ever wedding I took photos for George back in 2015.

weddingphotographer_Sheffield_BeauchiefHotel (23 of 54)weddingphotographer_Sheffield_BeauchiefHotel (19 of 54)

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