Self-Employment and Getting Away -to Avoid Burn Out

Being self-employed is firstly something I love and I’m not sure I could ever work for someone again. Why? simple, I get to do everything I love and the satisfaction that I’ve done it for me and of course my fabulous clients plus I get to travel to new places and have lots of cool adventures along the way – what’s there not to love right?

Well, there are a few niggles and disadvantages of being self-employed. It’s not all rosey, I work long hours, never really switch off (as I write this blog on a rainy Sunday afternoon camping). I don’t get sick pay or a pension nor am I entitled to holiday pay. I work seven days a week most weeks but I find gratitude in this (the working side) the monetary side is of course very seasonal, so careful budgeting is required and I’m certainly not great at this and something I need to work heavily on. I’m not complaining whatsoever though, I’m happy enough. So this Bank Holiday weekend after back to back weddings every weekend in August, I have gone camping. Switching off (albeit I filmed a wedding yesterday and am doing blog posts now) but decided to combine that wedding with time out with my husband who is also self-employed and has been non-stop the last three weeks. It’s raining outside so why not use this downtime to write a little blog post…. 😊

My recent days have been spent on a gorgeous campsite in Worcestershire situated next to the River Seven. It has ducks, chickens, Pygmy goats and offers fishing and lots of walking. It’s really beautiful and tranquil. Even listening to the rain is nice and today is chilling out winding down from yesterday’s 14 hour day. The evening Sunsets here are beautiful – there is just a calming presence here and just what we needed. Ok doubt they’ll be a colourful sunset today.

The only camera I have purposely taken out with me is my iPhone. I’m happy, loving life and taking care of myself as not to burn out! I think I’ve rambled on enough now but my message to anyone self-employed is to get away from time to time and switch off even if it’s just for an hour, she says 😉. Appreciate all you have and the life you live, no matter where you are and take a moment to close your eyes and breathe!

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