January 2019 Sale – Dogilicous Giveaway

So all of this month I am offering clients past and present the opportunity to have some beautiful outdoor portraits taken of their four legged friend(s).

This offer is half my usual price which is normally £125.00 per session and includes a £25.00 spend voucher.   For January I’m offering this at £65.00 – yes just £65.00 and yes it still includes a £25.00 spend voucher!  I’m generous, I really am and that’s purely because I love photographing dogs and horses of course.  You don’t have to book a date in January it can be as soon as spring arrives.  All I ask that bookings are paid for in advance and a suitable date is booked in.  Dogs go out in all weathers but if it’s really vile, we’ll simply reschedule to another convenient date.

Our four legged friends like us won’t be here forever. So why not invest in a memory that will last for generations beyond our own?  I still love looking at old photographs of my grandparent’s and great grandparents.  My great grandad was a horse rider, my dad has a super photo of him all dressed in a tweed riding coat and breeches!  So that must be where I get it from – not the dressing, the riding and my obsession with horses!

So what do you get for £65.00?

  • You get an experienced dog photographer who is fully insured and extremely patient who just loves dogs and getting on the ground
  • A 1-2 hour photoshoot on location – either near where I am based or somewhere in-between.  There are lots of beautiful walks around the Midlands
  • All the post processing that goes into making beautiful images – it’s not simply a click and that’s it done
  • An online gallery that you can share with family and friends
  • Guidance about suitable sizes for prints, albums and digital package options
  • The option to purchase the digital and social media files
  • A pre-consultation to go through what to expect on the photoshoot
  • A £25.00 spend voucher to put towards prints, digitals and wall art etc

Don’t worry if you’re not able to let your dog off a lead, I can work with this, I have two beagles and they very rarely get let off the lead.  Basic commands is all I need so dogs ideally should be able to sit and stay but I can work with dogs in training or young pups – you’d be surprised how quickly I can get a shot taken.  Other than that we just enjoy a great walk come rain or shine.

So here are some examples of gorgeous dogs I’ve photographed in the last several weeks!



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