Lucas & Reg – Equine Photoshoot

Sometime ago I photographed two horses owned by the lovely Rachel called Reg and Lucas – completely different personalities but an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Rachel found out about by equine photography by seeing an offer on my Facebook page TMS Photography and I believe she’d heard about me from other horsey ladies down at the yard.

The day was bright and sunny which isn’t always the best but it is what it is and we’re always grateful for a little bit of sunshine.  So we began with a photo of Rachel and both horses seeking shade beside a hedge and big tree.  Having to keep one horse still is always a challenge but two, well they were certainly well behaved and stood very patiently while I took several shots, moving around to ensure the best photo would be taken.  The aim of any photoshoot is to capture not only the owner/horse bond but also the horses own personality and the outtakes make for great viewing and would put a smile on any horse owner’s face!

My sessions are anything between 1-2 hours long and can feature outfit changes, riding and classic black backgrounds where applicable.  I generally work in natural light only occasionally bringing out my flash for more dramatic shots if the sky is moody or the sun is very bright and I need to balance everything.  It is very relaxed and I do try to keep horse entertained and move around a little so prevents boredom.  Horses don’t really understand a photoshoot and some find it impossible to stand still for long periods of time in the same spot!  I am a fellow equestrian myself so I do understand horses and am experienced with horses.  I tend to opt for evening or early morning horse photoshoots during the summer the months to avoid the heat and relentless flies, June being especially bad with the horseflies around.  The horse photoshoot can take place on a yard or on location somewhere either a favourite bridleway or place (with the obvious permission from the land owner if private land).

As a horse photographer, I am situated in the East Midlands perfectly located to reach Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire.  I can also travel further afield as well to other neighbouring counties such as Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Worcestershire and Yorkshire.

My love for equine art photography continues to grow year on year and I’m very much looking forward to 2019!  For more information about booking a horse photoshoot, please visit my website at TMS Photography


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