Mel’s Equine Photoshoot

After my photoshoot with Lucas and Reg, I then went onto do Mel’s two wonderful horses.  Now I was a little naughty here as I’ve since forgotten the horse’s names which is a rare thing for me…. I’m all for all the necessary details. Yes I could ask the owner but I don’t have her details either as a friend booked it for her!

Anyway, the sun shining brightly the first horse up was a gorgeous Palomino gelding.  A cheeky character which you will clearly see.  He was a joy to photograph.  We went to several locations around the yard (this yard is full of possibilities) escaping from all the over bright spots of the sun.  Natural light was used throughout the session which was natural and just lovely.   Once that shoot had finished out came Mel’s big Dark Bay boy and again he was a pleasure to photograph.


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