The UK’s Top 100 Dog – No.1 The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I’m a bit late posting this as been a tad busy with one thing or another.  I promised myself that I would organise my posts in advance.  This I’m working on… 🙂

So today I’d like you to meet Coco an 8yo Staffordshire Bull Terrier that I see most mornings when I’m walking my two dogs.  I approached Tracey, Coco’s human one snowy morning asking if I could take a few photos of her brindle coloured Staffy as the breed had just won the UK’s top dog which was televised on ITV.  Thankfully, Tracey agreed and we met up later on that day.

Chatting away to Tracey as I was clicking away, she was telling me that little Coco as a young pup before she met her adoptive human had been subject to a difficult time as a teeny puppy.  I can never understand why a human would do this to something so delicate and it’s always lovely when dogs find their forever home, where they are loved unconditionally.  This is just what happened to Coco at aged 12/14 weeks old came to live with Tracey and grew up to be such a beautiful, kind and loving dog with the care of her new family.  Coco is without a doubt gorgeous and it was a pleasure spending half an hour with her.  It’s not easy for a human to have photos taken by a stranger let alone a dog, who has never met with you before and starts pointing some weird object at you.  She was a little poppet.  I used one camera for these and a first using the Fujifilm XT2 with 56mm lens attached.  Just love this little camera!

Without further ado, say hello to Coco, photographed just as she was…..


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