Nemo & Piglet – Welsh Collies

Today, I thought I’d share a short highlights film of two wonderful Welsh Collies, mum and daughter, Nemo and Piglet.  These pair were full of fun from the start and were wonderfully trained by mum, Katy.  As you can see from the short film, how much fun these two girls were.

The photoshoot was all at the lovely Foremark Reservoir, which is great for dogs (when the water is safe of course, if they love water) as well as having lots of great walks around the reservoir.  Being a dog photographer I love to vary the photoshoot, where possible to incorporate some portraits along with natural behaviour and action shots.  Not all dogs will sit, fetch a ball so I just go with the flow.  Every dog is different just like us :).  There is no one size fits all!  Aren’t these two though just the cutest.  Sadly Nemo is no longer with us and it was with the kind permission of mum, Katy that I can share their photoshoot on my blog!  I’m not just a dog photographer, I’m a preserver of memories and a character capturer!

I’m hoping that one day, Katy will let me take some lovely photographs of Piglet and Noddle, the new pup in town who is also a Welsh Collie but she’s just a young pup at the moment in training with the help of Pig!



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