Harry – The Fox Red Labrador

I’ve been photographing Harry since he turned 2 years old. Every year we have a little photoshoot outdoors somewhere in all seasons so it would seem. It’s always a new adventure.  Harry, as the title suggests is a Fox Red Labrador aged 4.  He’s super friendly (when you know him of course as with all dogs) and has such an adorable face.

He loves water, playing fetch the ball and collecting sticks.  He pulls the most outrageous face when shaking off excess water and is full of character.  His mum might say. ‘Harry you goon’ in a loveable way of course.  He is a dog full of expressions and happy to please!

So here is a little slideshow of him from a couple of summers ago!  I never got round to blogging his photoshoot session.  I’m slowly catching up and although this is a tad overdue, blogging is something I just forget to do!  I know that as a photographer I should blog more and more but it’s a busy time and blogging is always something I deem less important – but I know better now!

Some of my favourite images:

Labrador_dog_photography-44Labrador_dog_photography-3Labrador_dog_photography-8Labrador_dog_photography-14Labrador_dog_photography-22Labrador_dog_photography-30Labrador_dog_photography-54Labrador_dog_photography-49Labrador_dog_photography-59Labrador_dog_photography-57If you would like to book in for a photoshoot with your four legged pal, then please drop me an email at tracey@tmsphotography.co.uk


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