Joy & Magic – Equine Photoshoot

How time flies and I’ve been meaning to write a blog for ages but sadly life was a little too busy.  On reflection, I should have kept on top of the blogging side but hey I didn’t and I won’t feel too guilty about it.  I work hard and sometimes these little things go amiss.

Anyway, Happy new year to you all! Hope you had a really lovely time.  Shame we now have this Storm Brendan circling around us. The fields are sodden, the wind is somewhat a tad windy. Christmas has been and gone and a new year has begun.  Lots of exciting things happening, so watch this space and I will blog about them, it’s in the plan! I may not make resolutions but I do write down a plan and this year a goal which I aim to achieve is to stick the bloody plan, that I painstakingly make year on year!

Today’s blog is a little throwback to a couple of years ago in the Summer of 2017, to a photoshoot which I never got share at the time. other than on Facebook and instagram.  So I thought as I’m on a mission to fully catch up with things, that I would finally blog about it.  It was a gorgeous summer morning, very warm with a little breeze. The crops had been harvested so it was perfect for using the top fields as a starting point.  As a horse photographer, I love using wide open spaces, especially ones with a great backdrop or viewpoint.  What I love about photographing horses with their owners, is capturing the connection they have between them. Now Joy used to compete Magic to British Eventing Novice level so the trust they had together as a partnership was very special.  Sadly, Magic is no longer here due to a condition that was debilitating to her in the end so the kindest thing was to let her go.  I know how sad and tough that was on everyone involved. She’d had an amazing life though and was loved by all through it all.

So I guess this blog is a gentle reminder that our fur babies can leave us at any time and we should treasure every moment with them and if the purse strings allow, have some amazing photos taken so the memory is kept alive not just mentally, visually too.  Wall art is a precious thing and we probably don’t realise it until after we’ve said goodbye. Being a fellow equestrian and having my horse Ollie, I know how much they mean to us and the smile they put on our faces every single day.

Here’s a little slideshow of Magic x


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