Fi’s Equine Photoshoot – Derbyshire

A lovely summer’s evening and I met up with Christine and her horse Fi for their photoshoot.  Photoshoot locations scouted as it was at the yard where I also keep my horse Ollie so I’m very familiar of areas to use around the yard or in the open countryside.  So off up the tracks we went finding little parts I’d not previously used for photoshoots here.

Christine had opted for Fi’s show Double Bridle for their photoshoot.  I can honestly say it was cleaned to a very high show standard!  I was most impressed but then again, Christine has spent many years showing various horses so being meticulous comes as second nature.  Both Fi and Christine looked great from top to toe.

So a little bit about Fi.  Fi is now a 10 year old Skewbald Warmblood x Cob mare.  Her Sire was the Warmblood, so Fi has inherited her Sire’s looks when it comes to head shape and ears and her beautiful Skewbald colour was inherited from her Dam. Interestingly, Christine told me that Fi’s Grandsire is a coloured Irish Draught.

Ambitions for Fi going forwards – well Christine is very much looking forward to getting out doing Dressage and more ridden showing work so I will look forward to seeing her back out competing once again.

Here’s a little Slideshow, showcasing their photoshoot:

Some of my favourite photos too 🙂


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