Creativity during Lockdown 2020

As a full time photographer, you can imagine once the Covid-19 Lockdown came into play my business came to a halt overnight.  Yes, I was worried sick, like many self-employed people out there and with a lockdown in place this would of course leave me financially broke and extremely stressed.  All spring and early summer weddings postponed, planned photoshoots to be rescheduled  and yes  I felt a little redundant.   Trying not to be glum about the situation, it has given me a lot of time to think about things and put life into perspective.

So, with the glorious weather I decided to go on the hunt for some different kinds of photography props to get the creative flair buzzing once again. I was beaming with excitement of this rather ridiculous idea but hey ho, no ventured, nothing gained!  I discovered that my daughter still had a box of old toys including my old ‘My Little Pony’ ponies which are around 37 years old.  Whilst routing for the my little ponies, I came across a perfectly dressed Barbie in the most beautiful dress and believe me, I didn’t even know my daughter still had these! What I find I thought to myself so carried on have a route around and came across Barbie’s pony which I named Chancer as I just couldn’t remember the original name.

It was golden hour in my garden with perfect lighting so here I set about giving Barbie and Chancer their own personal photoshoot.  Honestly, as crazy as this sounds it really was therapeutic and good my soul and mind.  My family did think I was a tad weird but hey, who cares.  I got to use my camera, my gorgeous lens I only use for weddings generally and most of all I had fun!

So what am I doing in the meantime I hear you ask?  I am concentrating my efforts an remaining visible, going through my archives finding images that I never posted at the time. I’m editing new/old stuff playing around.  I have days out and trips away that have never seen the light of day well until now anyway.  I am updating my Social Media with happy things and asking people to engage. I want to see those photos of your pet, surroundings and hearing your lockdown stories.  It is so important to stay happy right now. I am also trying to avoid the news and perhaps watching a little of it just once a day. I’m surrounding myself with happy wonderful memories, my family including my two beagles, the horse and the amazing little town we live in. I actually never realised just how many old memories of this little town has to someone who has lived here for the last 44 years.

I really do appreciate my garden and am grateful everyday for the joy it brings me whether it’s listening to the birds as the sun rises and sets to the gorgeous butterflies and bees that are just minding their own having no clue what is going on around the world.  Most of all my family are safe and well.  I still get to see my horse Ollie once a day as I am his primary carer and that makes life pretty much perfect!  As for money, yes of course we all need it but right now, I’m happy bumbling along realising that so long as I can take photos, I am extremely content and don’t think about the things that could easily change my mindset from a happy place! Apologies for my ramblings here are the photos from Barbie & Chancer’s Golden Hour Photoshoot – enjoy and I hope it brings a smile or two! Above all, stay home and Stay safe xx



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