Write to Ride – For Pony Club Members

How exciting, I’ve teamed up with Penny Grubb, Crime Novelist to offer some wonderful prizes for a writing competition for all Pony Club Members to take part in.

I love being involved in some way with ventures like these and proud to be a part of this competition and for all those lucky winners, the prizes are brilliant.  Not only that, the lucky winners will feature in Equestrian Life Magazine along with all the sponsors and prize-hosts!  I’m giving away a photoshoot voucher worth £125.00 to one lucky person which I’m so excited about!

To find out how to enter if you are a Pony Club Member, please click here

Why not give it a go? There’s still time to get your entries in for judging by Danuta Kot, crime novelist Penny Grubb and for those racing stories by author and TV Producer John Fairley!  Please share amongst your Pony Club friends too… There is a huge list of prizes so go take a look and good luck to all that enter.

If you would like to know more information about my work, please grab a drink and watch my 2019 highlights and check through my archives.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Much Love Tracey xx

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