The Dreaded Covid-19 Thing

So today I have written a little Covid-19 Statement on my website. All it is there for is to simply give reassurance to all clients be it old or new ones. It’s TMS Photography’s promise to adhere to safe working practices whilst still being able to take those wonderful portraits.

The Covid-19 Statement

Contactless and Cashless Equine/Dog/Brand Photography

TMS Photography has been working hard to ensure that TMS Photography can still supply your portrait session photographs in the safest possible way.  Clients past, present and new can be assured that during these rather difficult times, any sessions booked can be amended, rescheduled to an alternative date at no extra cost. Vouchers if purchased during 2020 can be extended to allow for extra time in the event of Covid-19 restrictions.

The safety of my clients and photographer is paramount to TMS Photography. TMS Photography has read through all the Government guidelines, familiarising with best working practices and still being able to capture quality portraits, social distancing measures can be maintained.

For the Client:-

  • If you are feeling unwell with a high temperature, a cough that is not usual to your own wellbeing – so out of the ordinary, loss of taste/smell, please let TMS Photography know as soon as possible where the session can be rescheduled.
  • If you are in a Lockdown area, please let TMS Photography know as soon as practically possible where the photoshoot cannot take place it can rescheduled
  • If you are located in an area of Localised Lockdown, do not travel outside that area for your photoshoot. Let TMS Photography know and we can reschedule.
  • Rule of six applies both outdoors and indoors to maintain best working practices and for the safety of client and photographer – this will change with Government advice as and when.
  • When it comes to previewing images, if you are located in an area of Lockdown, the photos will be placed onto an online gallery for you to view with a follow up Zoom call.
  • Previewing images can be done at a safe distance in larger spaces indoors.  Masks are to be worn by both client and photographer where social distancing is not possible.  Hand sanitisers will be readily available for use 

The Photographer 

  • If TMS Photography is suffering from any Covid-19 symptoms or has tested posted, all clients will be informed immediately and any appointments, photoshoots, deliveries of products will be rescheduled
  • If the area where the photographer is located is part of a localised Lockdown, clients will be contacted and any appointments rescheduled accordingly
  • TMS Photography will wear a mask when required for the safety of clients and the photographer when working in close proximity where social distancing cannot be maintained. 
  • Please respect these Guidelines at all times, they are here to protect everyone and prevent the spread of Covid-19

Thank you x

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