Luke & Pie – Equine Photoshoot – Northamptonshire

Luke’s mum had got in touch with me to organise a photoshoot with her son, Luke and his horse Pie. It was to be a farewell for these two as Luke had outgrown Pie, so she was off to a new home and he was getting a bigger steed for new adventures. The photoshoot would take place at the Livery yard where she had been sold that very morning.

Pie was a Piebald mare hence her name. She enjoyed a variety of horsey adventures from showing to jumping. Her and Luke had an incredible bond together and it was quite heart wrenching to see them spend the last day together before she left for her new home. The photoshoot took place just outside of Daventry on a private livery yard tucked away in the countryside. We only had the confines of the yard to work with being the menage, the gateway to the menage and stable. It was a particularly bright and sunny October afternoon but very mild for the time of year. What was more important than the aesthetics of the space I was working within was the connection Luke and Pie had and I think it really doesn’t matter what your yard is like, there are always little pockets of beauty for me to create a little creative magic. What you see, is not what I’ll visualise at all!

I’ve not heard from Luke since the photoshoot and I hope all is well with him and his new horse and who knows, he may just see this blog post and well say hello!

My Favourite Photos from the session

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