Dan the Wire Haired Hungarian Vizsla – Photoshoot

I know it’s been a while since my last blog post – and I keep meaning to blog more frequently but have failed dismassly and I have sadly ran out of excuses, so I won’t make any. Now I am unable to go out on photoshoots, I will blog more. It will be on my content schedule. Yes I am actually making a monthly content planner so I don’t forget things and remain focused! There I said it so now you’ll be able to hold me accountable for this.

So on a cold January Saturday afternoon, I thought I’d share this fabulous photoshoot I did back in December 2018 with Dan, a very handsome Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla. Dan is a trained working dog out in the field so I definitely wanted to capture on camera, some element of this, so the photoshoot was geared up for natural shots of Dan exploring the ins and outs of the bracken and the woodland. I was really pleased when Dan’s hooman mummy brought along an already dead pheasant (so please don’t be alarmed). So we used this right at the end of the photoshoot just to finish off. There are few photos of Dan’s friends that came along too, including a very young whippet just out for some fresh air really but ooh so cute!

I met Dan and Steph up at Beacon Hill Country Park – I do love it here. It has lots of places ideal for a photoshoot – particularly in December as the cattle have been moved so the dogs can run off the lead in the open area. Even if the cattle are there, there are still many surrounding pathways to walk around. Just in case you wish to venture off and explore Beacon Hill Country Park, please note that you do have to pay for parking as with most country parks and it’s not overly expensive to be fair.

Here’s a short photo slideshow of Dan’s photoshoot:-

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