Speckle, Riley & Errol – Outdoor Dog Photoshoot at Battram Woods

Catching up with a little blogging this afternoon before the weekend starts. I’m trying my best to keep up the whole writing thing.

So, I met with Speckle and Riley up at Battram Woods which is near Ellistown one frostyish December morning back in 2018. The sun was out shining and it was just a great morning for a dog photoshoot. I had never been to Battram Woods before so Laura kindly plotted out a suitable route to follow with me just simply snapping away. A little bit about Speckle and Riley. They are both English Pointers bred for Showing rather than working in the field as gundogs. Both have a bouncy happy go lucky personality and it was massively important to me to capture this. Both dogs were not interested in posing, which is fine they just wanted to explore this place and that involved lots of running around, sniffing and going into the undergrowth as that’s what dogs do. They do this instinctively as their noses are extremely powerful. So I just photographed them naturally just being dogs. With some dogs that’s perfectly fine. I get that not all dogs want to sit and pose beautifully which is why I love a mix of photoshoots. Makes everything so interesting and different. As every dog is different and for some, the posing element isn’t really important. A dog’s unique personality is what makes the photos memorable.

It was fun, challenging photoshoot which I thoroughly enjoyed. After I had finished the photoshoot, I then asked if we could do some of Errol the Whippet as he was in the car waiting patiently for his little runaround. Oh my, what a cutie but wow he was fast!

I know that Speckle has recently become a mum as well, so congratulations Speckle on the birth of your puppies (albeit getting to be several weeks old now) – not that she can read any of this but Laura can.

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