Harry – Fox Red Labrador’s Photoshoot in Derbyshire

Today, I thought I’d share my photoshoot that I had back in January 2019 with the gorgeous and extremely handsome Harry. I’ve done a good few photoshoots with Harry the Fox Red Labrador.

This time we decided to use the woodland area at the back of Bretby Hall – formerly an Orthopaedic Hospital but was converted many years ago now to prestigious apartments (which look stunning). The path eventually leads to a bridlepath which I’ve ridden along countless times over the years.

There is a mixed bag of lighting and challenges but for action photos outdoors, it does offer a varied amount of backdrops and little paths still within the main path that are perfect for a dog to explore. It does get extremely muddy though and once on the bridlepath you have to be aware of horse riders taking their precious steed for a much needed canter up the hill. It’s not a place I would regularly do a dog photoshoot and haven’t done one there since. It was an exploration of new areas for an outdoor photoshoot that would be good for your dog. With horses around and some livestock in the adjoining fields, it’s not the best but ok for a one off!

So here is Harry’s two winter photoshoots – the latter one was done when I took him out for a walk in the snow!

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