My Why & Why I Love What I Do

To some this may be a bit of waffle and utterly pointless but I’m ok with that. I don’t find writing about myself easy. I think that’s because I don’t want to focus attention on me but actually I do want the focus on what TMS Photography does which I’ve been the proud owner of since setting it up back in 2013. Since school I had wanted to work with animals so this really is a great compromise on the career choices I had back then.

Going back in time a little bit, I actually although didn’t realise my photography journey began very early on I’d say when I was around 15 years old with a camera that had film in those days. I went out to a country show and photographed the showjumping. From then, I didn’t really do too much photography with animals as I was away from the horse world and sadly didn’t have access to a camera. Horses have always been my obsession (for want of a better word) since I was around 2/3 years old pestering my mum for a little Shetland pony that I could keep in the back garden. I didn’t get to own my own horse until well into my twenties and worked hard to be able to finance the continuing expense. Eventually I started photographing event horses back in 2009 in all three disciplines and it was from that moment I began my incredible journey to eventually becoming a full time equine photographer. Dogs followed shortly after.


Well the first thing is for the love of horses and of course dogs. Going deeper its the ability to go right into the soul of the horse or dog. Every animal has character and personality and yes I do photograph this it’s one of the key things I do. There is a much deeper hidden part of the horse/dog which I love to bring out in my photography work. I understand both the photography element taking a picture from bringing a vision to life and the more complex characters of working with the horse or dog. It is this understanding that helps create those beautiful moments between horse and owner or the observations of dog behaviour and its personality, as this is a key factor when photographing dogs. Connection is key with everything. With connection you have emotion which is exactly what I want and hence my WHY. It is this connection I want you to feel when you see the final images, even better when you see them in print!

Why Should you Book a Photoshoot with TMS Photography?

Like us, our pets aren’t going to live forever and a photoshoot is not for everyone and if you are happy snapping your pet on your own camera/phone then that is perfectly fine and you must keep going and improving and I can give you some tips for that, on another post, just let me know!

So what makes TMS Photography different? TMS Photography provides an overall photography experience be it from first enquiring to after when the photos are ready to view, prints ordered and delivered. I am here for every single one of my clients going over how the shoot will run, addressing concerns from awkwardness in front of the camera, dogs that won’t sit, cheeky ponies to the weather. I am basically making this a fantastic once in lifetime opportunity (for some) and will always offer the best reassurance I can from my own experiences being a horse and dog person. I will always give 110% to everything I do and together with the client, it becomes a rather exciting journey. Not only that, it is my style of photography, the post production and the final product offerings that people want. I’d like to say it’s my charming personality (I doubt that and I am a nice person) but yes you do need to be able to connect with people who are buying into your craft and style. The key thing with a photoshoot is that everyone involved has a great time with little or no stress whatsoever, as this really does reflect in the images once back home. Connection, the bond, personality, emotion, character and a little creativity is a really important part of the experience I offer. Believe you me, I am just as nervous before a photoshoot just like you! Although mine is more excitement and wanting everything to be just about perfect – which nothing ever is but I do try very hard!

The photoshoot itself is all about creating long lasting memories. A brief moment in time frozen just as it happens and it may be that something so special that may just never happen again. Let the story unfold and the magic happen. Powerful imagery that not only tells a story but evokes emotion and a strong connection. Another thing too is that we may live in a digital era but nothing can replace a photograph/s that sit eloquently in beautiful framing which is then put in its pride of place within the home etc. A photograph that will last decades and continue to tell a story for generations to come inspiring so many conversations and imagination. I just love this job.

So there you have it, there’s my WHY….

The Important Bit

The Investment is always a concern but honestly, if you want to do it, just do it, it will become priceless at the end of the day. My collections start from £125.00 to £595.00 all inclusive photoshoots with at least one product for you to enjoy and proudly display wherever. Remember, it’s not just the click of a button, it is so much more beyond the photoshoot itself!

If you would like to receive some further information about a photoshoot, then please do get in touch where I will be more than happy to discuss everything in much greater detail. My direct email is

What is my WHY?

“I couldn’t be happier with the photos Tracey captured of me and my horse best friend of 9 years! I’d never had a photoshoot before so wasn’t sure what to expect but Tracey was very professional and made me feel at ease from the moment she got to the yard. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anybody wanting some high quality photos of or with their animals”. Lisa & Rebel

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