International Dog Day 2021

Helloooo, it’s been so long since my last blog post. Oops! I’m just about ready to go to sleep then it dawned on me that I haven’t celebrated today’s International Dog Day!

So how many of you have dogs? I have two. They’re Beagles aged 15yo, so doggy pensioners. In their heads they think they’re still only 5. They both still love walkies, although Alfie is arthritic so can’t have too long out. Monty on the other hand, can and is able to walk for miles. what are your dogs favourite things? Mine dogs favourite things is definitely eating, sleeping and walking. Ooh and sniffing – how could I forget that bit?

To show my love for dogs out there, I have selected a few different breeds. If you have a dog, please drop me a comment!

Shizhu X
Springer Spaniel
Wire Haired Hungarian Vizsla
English Pointer
Siberian Husky
Dalmatian puppy
Rough Collie
Black Labrador
British Bull Dog
Red/Irish Setter

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