It’s December 2021

So, I thought I’d just showcase the Festive Equine Mini Photoshoots Slideshow which was prepared this morning and I’m trying to be super prepared plus I can secure those last minute bookings that have remained undecided. Most of my Festive photo sessions last year just involved the horses but their owners are also most welcome to join in on the photoshoot – why should they miss out on the fun. BUT… being included in the photos isn’t for everyone and I get that!

Also, I’m having a Festive December holiday sale with 15% off product purchases from prints too gorgeous albums. I’ve popped the details below but to order, you’ll need to visit my website (I do have other prints available, (under portfolio) too it’s not just client galleries for details

Thank you to everyone who has supported my business, I’m truly grateful for the support to help me survive and thrive.

Tracey xx

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