Winter Style Guide for your Equine Photoshoot

Hi, thank you for stopping by. I thought I’d put this blog post together to highlight that winter is not all doom, gloom and mud, there is light and much beauty to having a photoshoot during the winter months.

So, to help you decide if you’re still sitting on the fence about booking a photoshoot for you and your horse during the winter season I’ve put some style ideas of simple outfits that help create beautiful images. Obviously the weather is a huge help here and the bright days are a godsend and make for those extra special photos because, let’s face it, glum days just don’t cut it.

So let’s start with some sunshine….. the look here is very simple and most of us have a winter coat that looks pretty awesome to wear and have photos taken wearing it. It has to be said, many shoots we were blessed with the most spectacular sunshine…. It does happen!

Then we have the more casual look jacket which works perfectly to coupled with jeans or smart jodhpurs and boots.

Next we have another casual look which is a jumper, sweatshirt and or Gillet worn with jeans or jodhpurs.

Then there’s the beautiful wraps and capes that can be used as well and look so elegant.

Next we have the Tweed – now not everyone is a Tweed fan but if you are, then check out these looks. They work so perfectly well!

The last kind of winter jacket is the faux fur….. another fantastic look!

Then we have the skirts, the frocks for elegance and dare I say, the wedding dress!!

With any outfit you can complement it with various accessories such as scarves, hats and jewellery. So there we have it, some great ideas for winter stying and looking fabulous for your winter photoshoot. Are you still sitting on the fence?

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