A Little Before and After Post

I’ve just finished editing a horse where I needed to do quite a lot of post production work to remove a few things from within the frame. These can be very easy and quick to do and other times, not so. The image I am sharing today was not the easiest of the edits as this one involved removing some human elements too around a bending horse and therefore redrawing a little section of the horse’s clip line.

Most of the time a photo session doesn’t involve a lot of photoshop work as it’s always best to get in right at the time of the photoshoot. Sometimes the shot is just the perfect moment and definitely worth taking and therefore, to get the image how I want it to look, takes a little extra work (I’m truly ok with this). I’m sure you will agree it is so worth it. If there is one thing I love about my job as a photographer is to create a little something extra. It’s such a beautiful image of the horse, I didn’t want to bin it, so I chose to work on it and produce the finished images shown below. This is very much taken with natural light where the barn entrance was perfect for these dark background images.

So here we go – yes I’m so sorry this is such a short post…..

Before – the original

After – just the plain black background

human arm and finger plus the lead rope removed

Version 2 – snow on black background

Snow added for a Christmas feel

Which is your preference? Snow or no snow? I think they both look great. Let me know in the comments.

For now that’s it and I look forward to sharing more before and after posts very soon.

Tracey x

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