What happens if it rains during my photoshoot?

A great question. With all the best laid plans in the world, the weather is something beyond anyone’s control sadly. I’ve very recently done a couple of photoshoots where the weather was overcast but dry. My client and I checked various weather apps as you do and it all looked ok. Chance of precipitation was minimal….. that word MINIMAL. So guess what, you head off out and start the session. Everything is going so, so well. The sun pops out there are dramatic looking storm clouds in the distance, there’s very little breeze, it’s all so wonderful.

What the heck happened next?

All of sudden out of nowhere comes the rain and it’s not just drizzle, it’s a little heavier than drizzle so you carry on, I mean we won’t melt away will we? Thinking it’ll pass over you just crack on keeping taking those photos. The rain starts to become more persistent what do we do?


  1. For horse sessions, head to the barn/stable block concentrate on some dark background shots until the rain eases
  2. Again for horse sessions, head into the indoor school (if there is one) carry on the session there
  3. Horse and dog sessions, take shelter underneath some nearby trees (if any)
  4. Take to a field shelter again if one available – rustic looking wood can be a great backdrop to use
  5. Crack on, as the session is almost done anyway and you both agree you don’t mind getting wet – this is definitely more for the dog owners – we walk our dogs 365 days a year. It’s going to rain on many of those days! My client of only yesterday, wanted to carry on, she didn’t mind so we did until the rain got so heavy it was pouring off us both and we were drenched!
  6. Abandon the photoshoot altogether and reschedule for another time(there may be impracticalities with availability etc)

I’ve generally taken options 1, 2, 3 and more recently 5.

Ok, so getting wet through and still have portraits done isn’t for everyone and I get that. So it’s not one I’d suggest doing really unless it’s absolutely necessary or you’re an all weather person who goes out in all weathers for walks and you just want to carry on. Surprisingly, it can actually create some stunning photos. As a photographer working outdoors in all weathers, I’m quite used to getting wet. During the warmer months it really isn’t too much of an issue as you dry out quickly. The lesser warm months then you’re left cold and damp which isn’t at all pleasant.

For outdoor dog sessions, I’m usually dressed for crawling around the mud and wet grass anyway. Horses not so much, I’m usually in jeans or leggings!

So, a photoshoot in the rain can look pretty epic, so let’s take a look at some examples where we’ve stayed outside or the client has taken shelter (yes I’m still out in the rain). If I’ve learnt anything from yesterday’s rain shoot, it’ll be never trust a weather app again hehe!

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