The Winner of the Ashby Show – ‘Win a Photoshoot’ Competition 2022

Back in July 2022 I was exhibiting my photography at the fabulous Ashby Show. A show that for 3 years couldn’t go ahead because of the pandemic – but finally, it arrived and it was truly a hot day, so it’ll be a memorable one that’s for sure.

At the show, I ran a competition to win a photoshoot worth £395.00 – yes that’s correct – £395.00. This all included a photoshoot experience with your horse/dog or both, a consultation prior to the shoot day, outfit advice, the photoshoot and post production work, in person viewing and lastly, a beautiful framed print. The lucky winner of my competition was Sally Brothwell, based locally in Warwickshire. We set a date to have the photoshoot – (the first one was rescheduled due to high winds and storms) but we did finally get to do it on a gloriously hot and sunny evening. Lighting was challenging but there were some fabulous spots to help us get the images we wanted. I specialise a lot in black backgrounds and this I know was top of Sally’s list for must have shots. Her barn was simply perfect for the occasion.

This is what Sally had to say about her experience after finding out she’d won my competition.

“I am the sort of person that doesn’t ever win anything, when I entered Tracey’s competition at the Ashby show it didn’t once cross my mind I would actually win, I took her business card so when I finally got round to booking one of these photo shoots I had a copy of her details as I was very impressed with her portfolio.

I have been thinking about having a photoshoot with my older horse Rambo for about 5 years ( I have a pinterest board to prove it) and it’s just not happened, partly time, partly circumstance, and partly the fear of embarrassment in front of the camera. 

Rambo was my first horse and we have had some interesting experiences and some serious highs. He has basically taught me to ride over the past ten years and given me all his good and bad habits. He has now pretty much retired, and I have a 4 year old youngster who has some big hooves to fill.

Tracey kept in touch in the week running up to our shoot, keeping a close eye on the weather.

After one of the driest summers on record our first date had to be rescheduled due to 90% rain and thunderstorms. We arranged for the following Friday and woke up to a perfect crisp late summer morning. We had good sunshine and perhaps a little too much wind, but I knew Rambo was generally steady in all weathers and as we later found out, good gust of wind can make a brilliant photo.

Tracey arrived late afternoon. I had prepared the horses earlier that morning and I had done my make up and readied two outfits. We had a nice cup of tea while discussing some ideas and then Tracey and I had a whizz round the property scouting out locations. The rain we had had the week before had turned quite an arid backdrop into a lush green. I also really wanted a dark background for some shots so a barn opening was well utilised.

Safe to say any fear of being in front of the camera disappeared once we started, a sneaky sloe gin before Tracey arrived may have also helped. Between wrangling and positioning horses and Tracey’s gentle and patient cues I was really enjoying myself. I am sure when looking back at the photo’s I will be reprimanding myself for not thinking “posture, smile, hair volume”. Ha! Its maybe worth have a friend on the side-lines shouting this at you.

I do think however that they are all going to be incredibly natural photos, Tracey’s movement from place to place kept both me and the horses engaged. Bracken my 4 year old was kept occupied by my lovely friend and was a menace at points but again Tracey was patient, kind and very understanding of the limitations of a wired 4 year old.

The shoot lasted just under 2 hours I think, it flew by, although I was quite tired by the end of it. I cannot wait to see the outcome of Tracey’s hard work. I would love to work with her again, perhaps this time with my working Sprockers and perhaps Bracken when she as finally earned her stripes and can stand still for longer than 3 milliseconds.

There are certainly going to be some tough decisions when it comes to picking a couple of my favourite shots to put up on the wall.”

Here are a few previews of Sally’s photoshoot with both Rambo and Bracken.

Would you like to book in for your photoshoot experience? I have limited availability for November (which is perfect for the autumnal colours).

Tracey @ TMS Photography

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