Several Different Looks Same Photoshoot

I thought today I would share one photoshoot that took on several different looks during their 1.5 hour photoshoot. Believe it or not, you can achieve so much in that time. Selecting outfits is all so exciting and all part of your photoshoot experience. I’m there every step of the way to help guide you and together we can pick out some fabulous outfits. Importantly, and this must not be forgotten though in all the excitement, the outfits you choose to bring along, you should feel comfortable and confident wearing.

My top tips for selecting your photoshoot outfits.

  1. Make sure your outfits are clean, ironed and look great. Same goes for footwear they need to be clean
  2. Ensure outfits fit – one very important factor here
  3. Horses tend to slobber – so select outfits that you won’t mind getting slobbered on
  4. Pick a selection of outfits that reflect your own personality. If you don’t wear tweed for example, then don’t bring it
  5. Bring along some accessories – they change the appearance of the look with little effort in an instant
  6. Don’t forget a selection of footwear that will go with your selection of outfits you are bringing to the yard
  7. Not everyone wants to wear a big flowing dress such as a ball gown/wedding dress. That’s perfectly fine. Jeans are pretty awesome to wear
  8. One of your outfit selections could be your riding attire – again it’s not for everyone but there is some fabulous riding wear gear now that ooze that WOW factor

Let’s check out Hannah and pony Merrylegs different styles from the outfits we collectively chose. This were all fitting to Hannah’s wonderful personality and go really well with the surroundings. I do love that she threw in a long flowing skirt into the mix. It was a November photoshoot so very much an autumnal vibe going on (and yes it’s my favourite time of year). Although this November is proving extremely wet and making photoshoots somewhat challenging!! I’ve a number of photoshoots over the next two weeks so I’m really hoping the rain cloud goes away – on my shoot days in any case. So this collection is seasoned to Autumn naturally. I will share lots and lots of photoshoots throughout the year and many variations in outfits.

welsh mountain pony-new-forest-photography
Hannah & merrylegs-pony-photography-new-forest

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