New Website Launch

Yay and a very Happy New Year to you all!! I’m a bit late to the party with this but with good reason of course. I’ve been working exceptionally hard on a new design of my TMS Photography website, editing and I went away over the New Year as after a hectic 2022, I needed a little breakaway. The whole website overhaul has been trying and somewhat frustrating at times – I would say stressful but aside from one teeny little mishap – it wasn’t so bad! I’m so excited by the new look website.

I’ve also been working on a brand new logo which fits my brand much better and I’m editing like crazy to finish off all my current client work! So yes it’s very quiet on the shoot wise front – let’s be honest, the weather is vile and the mud is insane. So much so all the horses at the yard where I keep my horse Ollie on livery are now on restricted turn out. Which is good as they still get to go out! I don’t think my horse really minds coming in at this time of year a tad earlier than usual. Many yards horses simply don’t go out at this time of year so yes I am very fortunate.

So, here is the all new look swanky website and brand logo – let me know your thoughts. It’s so hard to gear it towards more than two genres but essentially they cross paths at some point. A couple of pages I just need to finish off over the weekend. I need to search out my content then pop it on there.

Check it out here

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